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It goes without saying that the ministry of this congregation will continue each day. As such, we ask each member and friend of our congregation to continue their faithful gifts to our Lord and His work. You may mail in your offerings, or you may go to our church website and give electronically at this time. This will ensure that our obligations are met as a congregation for utilities and staff.

As of this writing, it appears that assistance will be provided soon to families in the form of checks sent for the welfare of the American people. The Christian understands that these checks are a blessing meant to meet true needs. We encourage you to use this assistance wisely not only for your welfare, but for the welfare of others you know who have true needs. Some of you will truly need these checks, others perhaps will not depend upon them to the same extent. If you can get by on your present income, please consider sharing a portion of your governmental assistance with others, including with your church home and ministry, so that we can meet our obligations as a family in Christ, and so that the needs of all persons can be met.

At this time, your Pastor always remains available both night and day by phone to speak with you. Personal visitation at nursing homes and hospitals has been curtailed now for the past week, however, in end of life situations, your Pastor will be able to bring a ministry to you or your loved ones. Do call in these circumstances. Should a church member contract the Covid-19 Virus, then become critical and request the presence of the Pastor for ministry, such may be granted with care, however, such visitation will most likely require the quarantining of the Pastor for a period of 14 days after the visit.

At this point, Funeral Homes in our area such as A.H. Peters are only permitting visitation for IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS in numbers of 10 and under. NO FUNERALS will be held at Christ the King until after the epidemic has subsided. A small service can be held at the funeral home under the guidelines mentioned in the above sentence. It will be recommended to all of our families that at the death of a loved one, the pastor will proceed to do a Committal Service at the cemetery with immediate family members present only. A funeral or memorial service can be held at the church after the present restrictions are lifted.

The extra time we may now have at home is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to open our Scriptures and read God’s Word daily. May I suggest that you turn to the Passion Narrative in one or several of the Gospels? I would also like to encourage you each Lord’s Day TO TAKE TIME AS A FAMILY FOR WORSHIP. Do not neglect gathering around the Word of God on Sundays. Again, you may access our Facebook Page or I would be happy to provide you with a Service Order that you can use as a family.

God’s protection to you and your family! I keep you in my prayers each day, and pray that you keep your family here at Christ the King in your prayers as well.
Remember again, it is not a spirit of fear that God has given us, but in Jesus Christ, a spirit of power and love and of a sound mind.