First of all, it has been our endeavor to follow those in authority whom God has given us for our welfare as Romans chapter 13 directs. As a congregation we have been obedient to our governing authorities and will continue to do so. With the curve now flattening, we are now permitted to assemble with safety guidelines in place. It is time for us to open our church for public worship. We will do so, understanding that should there be a spike in Covid-19 cases this fall or winter, we will take the necessary precautions, even should it mean once again having to close and reopen our church.

To remain safe and to minimize touching surfaces
• Doors will be opened for you when you arrive and leave by our ushers/elders
• The offering will be collected at the entry to the nave. Plates will no longer be passed. You may still give electronically at this time by clicking on the Donate Now button located on the homepage of our website.
• The worship service bulletins will be completely printed out including hymns and readings. They will be placed on a table in our Welcome Center and each person must pick up their own service ordo. We will continue to offer the Sunday Sermons to those who do not have Facebook or online capabilities and who request them. This will be by request only.
• Service ordos will NOT be reused. They should not be left behind, but must be taken home and disposed of by each worshiper.
• While the public surfaces will be sanitized before and after each Divine Service by our elders/ushers/trustees, hymnals and Bibles will not be sanitized. While they will be left in the pews, we discourage their use at this time.
• Drinking fountain usage is prohibited.
• Only the Church Nave is open to worshipers, no other portion of the church building will be opened.
• The CHURCH OFFICE IS CLOSED to the public.
• Restrooms will be open, however minimal usage is best.
• Windows will be opened as we are able for maximum air flow.

Holy Communion will be celebrated on our normal church schedule. Please note the following:
• The Common Cup will not be celebrated until the epidemic passes.
• Communion will be held in CONTINUOUS FASHION only.
• The Pastor and Elders will wear masks and gloves to distribute the elements of the Lord’s Supper to our people.
• The Host will be dropped into the cupped hand of each communicant.
• The individual cups will be spaced apart adequately so that cups will not be touched when communicants reach for the wine.
• Communicants will dispose of their individual cups in receptacles in the side aisles as is customary at continuous-style Communion.

At the time of dismissal, we ask all worshipers to be patient.
• Dismissal will be from the rear of the church first, with all present keeping social distancing practices in mind.
• No gathering in the Welcome Center.
• The Pastor will not be able to greet worshipers in line.
• Handshakes and hugs so plenteous in our church must be forgone until this epidemic passes.

Following these simple but effective guidelines will keep everyone safe. We commend these reasonable and loving plans to the Lord, fully trusting that He wants us to gather in His house and receive the gifts that He so freely gives us through Christ His Son in Word and Sacrament. With faith and trust in Him, we return together to joyfully worship His Christ.

If you have further concerns, please contact one of your elected church officers. I am so looking forward to seeing you, and receiving God’s gifts in Divine Worship in person with you.

Always yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Boelter